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How to Safely Ship Fragile Retail Items

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The last thing you want is for your retail or e-commerce product to break or damage during shipping.

Packaging solutions with intelligent, ergonomic designs and quality materials are a great way to ensure that fragile items are shipped safely to your customers. The experts at Complete Packaging Solutions in Brookville, Indiana, share their experience and tips on safely shipping your products.

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Use the Right Size Box 

If you have too much space in a box, the contents will shift around, risking damage. 

If you have fragile items, cheap shipping options like poly mailers or bags can contribute to breaking your product while in transit. The risk of damaging your item is not eliminated even when using materials like bubble wrap or padding. 

Depending on what your company plans to ship, the best course of action is to consult with your packaging manufacturing company to determine the most suitable packaging. 

Wrap the Item in Cushioning Material 

To keep your product from shifting during shipping, fill any empty space with crinkle paper, airbags, foam inserts, or bubble wrap. The filler options are endless. They’re apt to break on impact or a generally turbulent transit. 

Our expert designers can help you select quality packaging materials that don’t break the bank. Like most turnkey packaging solution providers, we offer expert consulting from start to finish. 

Die-Cut Foam Inserts 

For expensive and fragile items, foam can be an excellent cushioning material to take the brunt of any impacts during transport or handling. 

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Another option is corrugated cardboard inserts, which offer even stronger stability and impact resistance. 

Add a “Fragile” Label to the Package

Custom labeling has its advantages. Namely, it’s free marketing. You can put ANYTHING you want on it — including a warning sign that the box should be handled with care! 

The Dangers of Fulfilling Fragile Items 

Broken products mean lost money. Whether you’re an e-commerce brand or a brick-and-mortar retail store, damaged shipments lead to bad business: 

  • Customer complaints/bad reviews 
  • Return costs 
  • Lost customers 

How CPS Minimizes the Risk of Shipping Damages

Our design team chooses your item’s most appropriate package size, carefully considering the dimensions, weight, and materials used. 

We source high-quality materials to ensure your product is given maximum protection in transit. 

For complete, turnkey packaging services for your business, our expert team of designers can help you realize your goals. Contact us and get a free quote today by calling (765) 547-1300.