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Kitting & Fulfillment

Complete Packaging Solutions goes the extra mile for you. After we package your products, we assemble them into kits and ship them to your customers. Or, if you already have your items packaged, we kit them together and ship them as a single SKU to save you time and resources.

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Packaging Solutions

Blister packaging, clamshell packaging, thermoformed trays, plastic packaging, display packaging, in store signage, POP displays, and more.

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Advanced thermoforming solutions for custom-designed packaging that’s always a perfect fit.

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Digital Printing & Cutting

Digital design, printing, and cutting solutions. Create eye-catching packages that jump off the shelf.

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Kitting & Fulfillment

Display assembly, sealing, heat bending, fulfillment, drop shipping, kitting, cartoning, and process automation.

Display Assembly

We’ll create retail display packaging for your products so they stand out in a retail setting. Our design team can create a design for your approval, and then we get to work on prototyping ahead of production.


Our automated, turnkey process allows for speedy kitting. We’ll combine your products or displays to create a single SKU for easy tracking and shipping. Kitting works well to ensure related products are sorted, packaged, and shipped correctly — saving you shipping costs.

For instance, your POP display is a mixed SKU floor stand with 10 different components. We will include enough of each component to make a complete display into an OPF and then label each OPF individually for drop shipping. This takes the hassle of several inbound materials and staffing labor out of the equation for our customers.

Why does kitting matter? Efficiency. Kitting allows for easier tracking, shipping, and fulfillment. You also have the opportunity to create fewer, yet more profitable SKUs, making inventory management a breeze. Organization. Kitting also helps you to reduce your warehousing cost, improve your cost/packaging, and simplify your shipping process with streamlined organization. 


Fulfillment occurs when we fill the display with your items. During the prototyping process, our team tests the finished retail display packaging completely for sturdiness, visual appeal, and the perfect fit for your products. Whether your need be blister/blister card sealing or complete display fulfillment we can help!


We offer a variety of sealing methods for maximum protection to prevent theft and damage in transit. The different types of sealing are RF, heat, and pressure sealing. The variety that we offer gives us the ability to help in almost any situation.


The Complete Packaging Solutions team can help you with or produce the carton design ourselves that can be used on a cartoner to alleviate extra labor costs and give your product uniformity that hand labor cannot. We have cartoning machines that can load your product, glue the top and bottom tabs, then lot code/date code your carton for retail.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is one way we save you time and money. Rather than ship the products back to you at your facility, we’ll ship them directly to your customers. Do you need 200 retail displays to go to 200 different locations? We handle this through our automated process and established logistics companies.


Our team uses state-of-the-art technology to streamline our process with automated solutions that save time and money. From concept and design to fulfillment and kitting, we use computer technology to get your products to market as efficiently as possible. We can help your team with automation too!

Kitting & Fulfillment FAQs


Complete Packaging Solutions is your choice when you need your products packaged properly and then shipped to your customers. It saves your company time and money. 

Read our answers to some frequently asked questions about kitting and fulfillment as a packaging solution.

It is a process by which a company like Complete Packaging Solutions assembles individual items into kits, similar to retail displays, and then ships the kits to customers. Essentially, parts and pieces are arranged, packaged, and placed into a kit ahead of shipping the product.

For example, your company sells cosmetics and wants a summer kit for people to take to the beach. You put sunscreen, moisturizer, a towel, suntan lotion, and redness reliever all in one package. A packaging company will place all of these items into a kit that fits your products perfectly. Then we put these items into a display and then ship the displays to your customers.

Companies collect and assemble the various parts of a single SKU and put them together in a larger SKU sold as a single product. 

This process benefits your company in several ways, including: 

  1. Streamlining your operations.
  2. Removes steps in your logistics.
  3. Gets products to market faster.
  4. Organizes your inventory better through fewer SKUs.
  5. Creates beautiful displays for your products.
  6. Popularizes several products into one package.
  7. Boosts efficiency and productivity of your fulfillment process.
  8. Lowers your time to market.

Hiring an expert like Complete Packaging Solutions lets you:

  1. Focus on your core business model. Logistics should be efficient, but you shouldn’t focus on that as part of your retail business. You need to create fantastic products for your customers.
  2. Reduce overhead. Save money on storage space you can use for other things, like expanding your operations.
  3. Adjust workloads. When you have a busy season, like during the winter holidays, kitting and fulfillment companies can adjust work based on the influx of products throughout the year.
  4. Hire fewer staff. Labor is your largest cost. Save money on hiring new staff by outsourcing your kitting and fulfillment.
  5. Reduce shipping mistakes. A professional kitting and fulfillment company like Complete Packaging Solutions can reduce shipping mistakes because they are experts.

Complete Packaging Solutions has decades of experience in the packaging industry. We’ve worked with national brands such as L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Hasbro, and Hitachi, some of which required retail displays as well as kitting and fulfillment.

Reach out to us or call 765-547-1300 to talk about our kitting and fulfillment services to help your company save money and improve efficiency.

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Contact Complete Packaging Solutions

We pride ourselves on personalized attention and world-class customer service. Contact Complete Packaging Solutions for more information about our kitting and fulfillment process. We’ll assemble your products and ship them so you don’t have to!

Thermoformed Packaging FAQs

Complete Packaging Solutions is your choice for superior packaging. Thermoforming represents one option for packaging solutions that our team can handle. Read our answers to some FAQs about thermoforming and thermoformed packaging.

Thermoforming represents a process by which a machine heats a thermoplastic sheet to its softening point before stretching it across a mold to manipulate it into the desired shape before it cools and hardens.

If your packaging needs a custom shape to fit snugly against products, thermoforming offers a great choice. 

Thermoformed plastic is also sturdy in that it protects products against nicks and dings during transport.

  • Unit dose products, such as medications and drugs.
  • Material handling trays that have several items in the same section.
  • Gift packs to keep individual items separate.
  • Clamshell packaging for food as well as health and beauty products.
  • Products that need custom-fit packaging.
  • Trays for nurseries for small plants and seedlings.
  • Kits with several parts.
  • CPG being sold in club stores, like club packaging.

Vacuum forming combines heat and pressure to draw the thermoplastic sheets into the final configuration before it cools. The sheet is placed over a mold, and the vacuumed air moves it into the shape we need.

Pressure forming uses vacuum air along with additional pressure to form more detailed shapes in your packaging.

  1. Conversation
  2. Design
  3. Material Selection
  4. Tooling
  5. Prototyping
  6. Thermoforming
  7. Trimming and Die-Cutting
  8. Shipping

Conversation is the start of this process. Your chosen packaging solutions company should have detailed conversations with you, including asking questions about your requirements and standards while giving you recommendations on the material and color options and a timeframe for completion.

Design requires input from all sides. Most companies use CAD, or computer-aided design, to create a prototype from precise measurements.

Material selection is an important step. In general, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the plastic of choice for thermoforming. This material is rigid and recyclable. PET also comes in many thicknesses and can be colored any way you want, including transparent.

Prototyping creates a physical copy. Before we mass-produce your packaging, we ensure all measurements meet your specifications. This is probably the most important step aside from the CAD process.

Tooling helps your packaging take shape. This part of the process is when your packaging solutions company turns a design into a mold over which the thermoformed packaging will stretch.

Let the thermoforming begin! Once we verify the prototype fits perfectly, we begin mass production of your thermoformed packaging.

Trimming and die-cutting each piece. Remember, your packages start as a sheet of plastic. Once the sheet receives its shape and cools, we trim the sheets so they fit into boxes for shipping. 

Shipping to your place. The final step is that we ship the packaging to your place so you can fit them around your products. We can ship items for you as part of our kitting and fulfillment service

  1. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the most common choice for a wide range of industries.
  2. High-impact polystyrene (HIPS) for very pliable food packaging. 
  3. Acrylonitrile styrene butadiene (ABS) is a very rigid, sturdy plastic with great resistance to impacts, chemicals, and UV light.

This type of plastic packaging minimizes movement of components. Thermoformed trays come in handy for medical components, kits, gift packs, food, parts that require assembly (like for the automotive industry), and packaging large quantities of individual items in the same box.

Thermoformed trays, when combined with the right sealing technique (like heat sealing and RF sealing), keep items safe and secure during shipping and handling to keep them intact and in place. This is particularly important when you want to showcase some or all of the products in clear packaging so customers can see your products clearly before choosing to purchase them. 

For example, you sell a meal-kit that has several different components that people can assemble at home. The meal kit includes several colorful fruits and vegetables to make a salad. It’s important to keep the ingredients separate until assembly to prevent spoilage while giving your products a better chance of staying fresh during refrigeration.

This type of packaging keeps your food fresher by offering sturdiness and sealing your products inside the package. Thermoformed food packaging comes down the line horizontally, then your machines put food inside, and then the seal comes down on top of it to keep foods safe inside.

When you use this type of packaging for foods, you have the potential to reduce damage during shipping while increasing shelf life. This is particularly true for perishable foods that require refrigeration or special handling requirements.

Think clamshells and clear plastic packaging that protects food while maintaining visibility.

When you choose thermoformed packaging for your products, you realize several benefits, including:

  1. Protecting your products. This type of packaging is durable for protection during shipping and logistics. Numerous sealing options, including clamshell and heat sealing, can extend shelf life while resisting tampering.
  1. Cost-effectiveness. This kind of packaging can save you up to 15% on costs compared to injection molding techniques.
  1. Sustainability. PET is recyclable, and consumers are becoming more and more conscious of products that are better for the environment.
  1. Design options. Thermoformed packaging provides companies with endless creative options for CPG products on the shelf. You have colors, labels, and branding that make products stand out from others.

Your company has several reasons to invest in this type of packaging. 

  1. Low tooling costs compared to injection molding. Thermoforming requires less annual volume, as well. 
  2. Better efficiency due to a production-line format that maintains a continuous feed from start to finish.
  3. High speed for just-in-time (JIT) production when you need packaging fast to reduce storage costs and improve time to market.
  4. Easier to customize through computer-aided design.
  5. Weight-related savings versus other packaging styles to save on shipping costs.
  6. Readily available materials to reduce supply chain disruptions.
  7. Customizable to adapt to the needs of several products or production runs.
  8. Extensive choices for shapes, sizes, and even textures.

Complete Packaging Solutions has decades of experience in the packaging industry. We’ve worked with national brands such as L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Hasbro, and Hitachi, some of which required thermoformed packaging for their products. 

Reach out to us or call 765-547-1300 to talk about our full-service thermoformed packaging to take your products and efficiency to new levels.