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Digital Printing & Cutting

Complete Packaging Solutions uses state-of-the-art digital printing and cutting technology to reduce turnaround times drastically. With digital printing techniques, you could see a mockup in as little as 48 hours for some projects.   

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Packaging Solutions

Blister packaging, clamshell packaging, thermoformed trays, plastic packaging, display packaging, in store signage, POP displays, and more.

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Advanced thermoforming solutions for custom-designed packaging that’s always a perfect fit.

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Digital Printing & Cutting

Digital design, printing, and cutting solutions. Create eye-catching packages that jump off the shelf.

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Kitting & Fulfillment

Display assembly, sealing, heat bending, fulfillment, drop shipping, kitting, cartoning, and process automation.

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The first step in digital printing is design. We have a great in-house structural design team that works closely with our project managers and customers to create the optimal packaging for your products. Our team will talk with yours to go over detailed specifications for your custom packaging. Then we’ll deliver designs for you to choose from. Once you approve a design, it’s time for white samples and mock ups.


Sampling is where digital printing and cutting excels. Because the entire process is digital and requires no tooling, our team can create a mockup in as little as 48 hours in many cases. We will then build your display to ensure it meets your expectations and requirements.

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Digital printing and cutting works best for small and medium production runs. For example, you need 100 displays for retail stores around the country. Our team manufactures your retail displays in our digital department, and then we drop ship them to each individual store. It can also be a great option with larger volume if timing does not allow for conventional printing. Because our equipment requires no tooling our price can still be competitive and tight lead times can be met.

Digital Printing & Cutting for Packaging FAQs

Complete Packaging Solutions improves your time to market through our comprehensive digital printing and cutting services. 

Read our answers to some FAQs about digital printing and cutting for packaging.

Digital print means a professional packaging company applies ink directly onto the packaging substrate.

For example, rather than printing something on a label to affix to thermoformed plastic packaging, digital print for packaging means the ink goes directly onto the package itself.

Companies use flexographic digital printing widely in the packaging industry. Look for flexographic printing on graphics, text, and images against a substrate of non-porous materials used for multiple applications of food packaging. 

These services realize several benefits for your business.

  1. Simplifies variable data on packaging, such as alphanumeric codes, barcodes, lot numbers, as well as track-and-trace capabilities.
  2. Makes supply chains more efficient due to faster transition to production, easier customization, cost-effectiveness, and quicker time-to-market.
  3. Shrink your packaging workflow by reducing the steps it takes to produce packaging by reducing manual steps.
  4. Enhance your company’s value proposition with faster turnaround times due to better digital packaging for your products.
  5. Create greater sustainability with environmentally friendly printing due to fewer materials used in the packaging process.

This method of printing reduces the materials used, which means fewer chances of ink spills and less formatting equipment and setup.

Yes, and it’s one of the main advantages of having digitally printed items directly on your packaging. Boxes can have vibrant colors, your brand name, logos, and a label printed directly on the packaging without a label.

No, digital printing can create images on any part of the packing, inside or out.

The beauty of digital printing and cutting is that your packaging company can perform this service for small, medium, and large production runs.

Digital printing saves time when you redesign your packaging for seasonal packaging or special campaigns. It also allows you to personalize your packaging for better customer retention while adding value to your product.

For example, you sell kits of your perfumes that run seasonally throughout the year. As you update designs every quarter, digital printing reduces the time spent on the overall design of the packaging to reduce your costs.

Your options are endless. Talk to your preferred packaging company for more information.

Any type of packaging can have digital printing, from blister packaging and bottles to thermoforming and cardboard.

There is less labor involved in digital printing because there is very little tooling or setup charges for equipment. An automatic cutting table cuts the packaging without any die plates. There aren’t any labels you need to purchase from a separate supplier, thereby reducing your vendor contacts.

Digital cutting allows you to cut packaging, but also create cutouts in your packaging. 

Lasers usually make cuts, particularly with cardboard and softer substrates. For example, you have colorful backdrops that showcase a floral design and you want textured packaging. Digital cutting is flexible, quick, and reliable when you want fantastic, layered packaging or product displays.

You have several opportunities to make your packaging better with digital laser cutting:

  1. Create exclusive packaging for limited products.
  2. Increase sales with beautiful packaging.
  3. Produce gorgeous filigree on packages.
  4. Create clean and reliable tears for perforations.
  5. Offer better flexibility for prototyping and small runs.
  6. See faster turnaround times for packages and displays with decorative backdrops.
  7. Customize packaging for customers and clients with their names.
  8. Provide unique identifiers to prevent counterfeiting.
  9. Stand out from the competition.
  10. Highlight items inside your package.

Combine vibrant colors with cutouts to create depth and dynamic designs in your packaging. Mix and match designs to offer exclusive packages for clients, especially if you offer gift packaging your customers can customize for any occasion, such as a birthday, graduation, anniversary, baby shower, or wedding. It takes fewer tools to create digital printing and cutting, which reduces labor costs.

Precision perforations allow your packaging to open more readily and more cleanly while keeping your products safe during shipping and while sitting on store shelves.

Digital laser cutting obviates moveable parts on machinery that can cause misalignments and a drop in quality.

Yes, thanks to vibrant color palettes, cutting depth, dual images to create silhouettes, and more.

Reduce errors in your packaging with digital printing by:

  1. Eliminating labels that can fall off.
  2. Lower the chance of smudges, runs, and bleeds.
  3. Having standardized designs for non-customized runs.
  4. Providing custom packaging created directly from a computerized database.

Adept packaging solutions companies can create packages of many sizes, to a few inches wide up to several feet for temporary retail displays.

Turnaround times can be as little as two weeks, depending on factors such as how quickly you approve designs, the work needed to prepare the digital presses, and the substrates and printing type involved. 

Complete Packaging Group has decades of experience in the industry. We’ve worked with national brands such as L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Hasbro, and Hitachi. Reach out to us or call 765.547.1300 to talk about digital printing and cutting for your packaging.

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