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Retail Displays FAQs

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Complete Packaging Solutions takes care of all kinds of packaging, including retail displays, to help make your products stand on a crowded shelf of competitors.

Read our answers to some frequently asked questions about retail displays and how they edify your brand.

What is a retail display?

It’s a simple and effective way to promote your products in a store after you manufacture them. It’s part of a visual merchandising plan that offers a first point of contact between your target audience and a particular brand. 

Why are retail displays important?

Your products and brand realize several benefits from great-looking displays, including:

  1. Creating attention-grabbing visuals. Combine your brand colors and logos with an attractive display that catches the eye of potential customers. If your products look green, think about having green leaves or green money woven into the visual design.
  2. Solving customers’ problems. A retail display can convey why your product is important with an easy-to-see message above the display. For example, temporary shelves for bars of soap can say, “Feel clean.”
  3. Telling your brand’s story. Suppose you sell hammers. A retail display can show someone working hard to hammer a nail into a board as a way to show customers that your products work hard.
  4. Improving sales. Retail displays improve sales because they stand out from the crowd.
  5. Lessening the time to market. Companies like Complete Packaging Solutions offer a way to put products in your display and then ship them to your retailers. This saves you time and money as you try to get your items to market ahead of the competition.

What should be on a retail display?

  1. Strong color combinations. This draws the eye to your items.
  2. A way to find out more information. Some customers already know what you’re about. Others want more information. A simple QR code on the retail display leads consumers to learn more about the products and your brand’s value.
  3. Display it at eye level. To draw customer attention, people shouldn’t have to hunt for it. Floor displays should be tall enough to reach someone’s eye level. If the retail display is on a countertop, the same principle applies, just with fewer materials.
  4. Your brand’s logo and name. You want people to identify your brand in conjunction with the visual image of the product.

Who do I contact to create retail displays for my products?

Complete Packaging Solutions has decades of experience in the packaging industry, designing and assembling packaging from see-through thermoformed blister packages to decorative custom retail cartoning.

We’ve helped national brands such as L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Biolage, Hasbro, and Hitachi, some of which have required retail displays for their products.

Reach out to us or call 765-547-1300 to talk about how we help your brand by designing and creating retail displays before kitting and fulfillment.