Colorful Packaging Choices for Various Products

Does Color Matter In Your Packaging? Complete Packaging Solutions Explains

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Colorful packaging is an integral part of your product and business model. Your brand’s colors and packaging style portray the uniqueness of your business, offering a competitive edge. Colors have a psychological effect on consumers that either draws them into your product or pushes them away. 

A direct correlation between your business image and what you represent will influence your target demographic and impact their purchasing decisions.

In today’s blog by Complete Packaging Solutions, we want to discuss how color matters in your packaging.

What does color say about your brand?

According to Packaging Digest, 90% of shoppers claim they will make a snap purchase based on color alone. 

It’s important to remember that colors are a form of individual expression. People typically wear colors that relate to their mood, and the best thing a business owner can do for their brand is connect with the customer. 

We offer a variety of unique and customizable colors at Complete Packaging Group through our dropping shipping, assembly, and packaging features. Our color variations will perfectly match your brand and style guaranteed to wow your buyers. 

What does color mean to your identity and consumers?

Psychologically, this is what consumers will think of your brand based on color alone.

Yellow. Yellow represents sunshine, happiness, and optimism.  

Yellow is often displayed in market windows to stimulate feelings of cheer and hope when buyers see the color.

Red. Red is a very passionate and lustful color. Red invokes feelings of love and fondness for another, hence why Valentine’s Day is an explosion of red hearts and flowers. 

Aside from love, red also sparks feelings of determination and boldness. If you want your brand to feel passionate, inspiring, and bold, choose red packaging design through the Complete Packaging Solutions. There are light, dark, and blood-reds available. 

Green. For most people, green represents the Earth and the importance of environmental values. It is a very natural color present in the household plants and grassy fields we pass by daily. 

For brands that want to portray environmental awareness, like biodegradable products, green is the way to go for an eco-friendly audience. 

Aside from growth and our environment, green is related to money and good fortune. Conducting research beforehand is the best course of action to determine the right look for your brand and packaging. 

Blue. Blue is the safest color to use. It’s universally liked by men and women. On the one hand, blue connotes honesty, dependability, steadiness, and integrity. But it can also be seen as boring. Choose the right color of blue to stand out!

Black. Black signifies control and authority. This hue tends to stand out on a shelf, and it makes products seem heavier and higher-end compared to others. Black works well as a complement to red, gold, and silver to add sophistication to the look of your packaging.

White. White goes with anything and everything. This pigment is all about innocence, equality, and newness. It’s a safe color to use, and white also gives you blank canvas to use whatever colors you want for a logo, lettering, and other graphic design elements on your packaging.

Being able to select the right color combinations is great for when you want to adjust packaging for temporary displays based on seasonality.

Who can help me to make my product packaging stand out? 

Are you feeling stuck on what colors to choose for your packaging? Complete Packaging Solutions has the colors, tools, and resources you need to provide durable and aesthetically pleasing packages your consumers are sure to love. 

We offer retail displays where we craft seasonal and product line set-ups to help your brand stick out. Contact Complete Packaging Solutions today or call (765) 547-1300 for more information on how we can help your brand.