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How to Design Temporary Displays for Your Products

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The thrill of a sale is so compelling when it comes to the world of product design and marketing. Finding the best way to engage a consumer, while designing a gorgeous display for your merchandise to sit on, is so rewarding once the final product is complete.

In today’s blog, Complete Packaging Solutions will discuss designing tips for temporary displays. 

Temporary Is Temporary

It’s important to understand that temporary displays are not meant to last more than three months. They are largely made of paper and card stock.

This is because they’re meant for short-term promotional products, products that need to move before being taken off the shelf, and products that belong to specific themes. 

It’s also important to place them in a space that will preserve the display while also engaging consumers. An excellent option would be to have a cardstock counter display next to the register for items like lip balm. It’s quick to grab, and largely out of the way.

Go for Seasonal 

If you’re having to change your displays every three months, it can be a bit hard to plan for them. An easy way to bypass this problem is to adjust the color of your display to either represent or complement an upcoming season. Planning themes to complement seasons allows for independence for the product to stand alone on aesthetic, while also tying in with a commonly celebrated value. 

For example, if you know you are going to have to change your counter displays in September, but won’t be able to update again until December, then you know you want to aim for a Harvest color theme. Oranges, reds, and golden yellows will tie in the spooky time of Hallows with the gratitude-oriented American Thanksgiving tradition without providing a major clash. 

Go for Balance

Ultimately, the goal for your temporary product display is to find a balance between the design aesthetic of the product, and the target audience you are designing for. Asking yourself what the story of your product is will allow you to tell that story through the display.

Providing client education on your product, with testimonials, will allow whoever peruses your display to take a personal interest in your product. Ultimately remember, the display needs to initially grab the browser and then finish the deal by following through with solid content for them to digest. 

Meaning, your display needs to be pretty, and informative. 

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