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5 Ways Retail Cartoning Adds Value to Your Products

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The retail market is highly competitive. Your product needs to stand out. That’s where custom packaging services like retail cartoning come in.

In today’s post, Complete Packaging Solutions explains what retail cartoning is and how it impacts your product’s lifetime value.

What is Retail Cartoning? 

Retail cartoning is a value-added service (VAS). It’s a versatile packaging method that allows you to easily pack and ship products to distribution centers or retail outlets. 

Seen it before? That milk carton, juice box, Crown Royal, or a package of Little Debbie Cakes at a grocery store was likely put together using a cartoning machine.

Cartoning machines are used to carton products for most industries, especially those selling food and beverage products, medications, cosmetics, electronics, and confectionery. 

What is a Value Added Service? 

These are specialty packaging services. These packages cover the primary packaging underneath and work to improve the value of a product before it reaches the customer.

VAS packaging can include:

  • cartoning
  • shrink wrapping 
  • gift wrapping
  • kitting 

At Complete Packaging Solutions, we prototype, design, and manufacture cardboard box cartoning packaging, as well as rigid boxes, chipboard boxes, corrugated boxes, flexible packaging designs, and more. 

Many Industries Take Advantage of Retail Cartoning Services

  • Retail outlets
  • Supermarkets and wholesale stores
  • Craft breweries
  • Beverage bottlers
  • Club stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Food vendors and services

How We Carton Your Retail Products to Benefit Your Bottom Line 

At Complete Packaging Solutions, we use horizontal, vertical, and top-loading cartoning machines. They provide a workflow that’s automated, with a continuous motion during processing that cuts down on time and increases output. 

These savings get passed down to you in the form of great benefits:

  • Reduced production costs. Manufacturing cartoning packages is cheap. 
  • Easier, safer sealing. Cutting-edge cartoning machinery ensures safer, more secure packaging for your product.
  • Reduced labor costs. Modern cartoning technologies make the entire packaging process faster, ultimately saving you money.

Here are the top five ways retail cartoning adds value to your products.

1. Retail Cartoning Offers Reliable and Helpful Information 

You can add quotes, business information, FAQs, or interesting facts to help add more value to your final product. Once customers receive their item, the package still holds value and can be kept.

2. Retail Cartoning Has Greater Reusability 

Once a customer receives their product, they can often keep the carton packaging and use it for storage or other purposes. All the while, it serves as essentially “free advertising” for your business. 

3. Retail Cartoning Builds Brand Loyalty 

Most people are visual learners. The packaging of a product matters, especially when it comes down to an instinctual decision to buy between two competing products.

The image, design, and material used for retail cartoned packages display a one-of-a-kind aesthetic appeal that customers won’t forget. This builds consumer loyalty and benefits your product’s value immensely. 

4. Retail Cartoning Communicates Value and Commitment to Quality 

Seeing a well-designed and well-packaged product gives consumers the perception that your company values quality and customer satisfaction. It can even support the idea that your product is even more valuable than what they initially thought. 

Custom carton packaging establishes a stronger, more positive reputation for your product, adding to its lifetime value. 

5. Retail Cartoning Gives a Unique, Eye-Catching Design 

Our expert designers can create a completely customized package that is specific to your product’s size, dimension, and custom features. 

Retail carton packaging can display your product’s uniqueness to customers and provide consumers with a valuable experience when unpacking their item. 

We can finish your carton packaging with any type of design or material you want, giving your customers a completely unique and engaging experience with your product.

Get Value-Added Packaging Services at Complete Packaging Solutions

Complete Packaging Solutions can create custom cartoning for your product that works to add long-term value. Contact us for a free quote and more information.