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Four Design Considerations for Permanent Displays

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The shopping experience is both a riveting and challenging experience because our eyes constantly scan every room we step into. Consumerism teaches us that from the moment we enter a store every product or brand represented in that store competes against each other for the ultimate champion over our hard-earned cash. 

Most of these products are on displays meant to catch our attention and lure us in. These displays actually have a name, and an entire ideology surrounding them.

In today’s blog, Complete Packaging Solutions, will discuss four design considerations for the creation of permanent displays in storefronts. 

1. Consumer Psychology

When it comes to permanent displays, consumer psychology plays a large part in how the displays are designed. 

The main questions to ask are:

  1. How will the shopper choose to shop?
  2. Will product education enrich the shopping experience, or distract from it?
  3. What story does your display tell?

How you answer these questions will influence the design of your display.

So, guess what?

2. Design Really Does Matter

Your design is made up of everything from the color palette to shapes and labels. All of it will affect how your customer engages with your product. And even if they’re willing to make a purchase.

That’s real dollars on the line!

Research into consumer behavior shows that if a customer is put off by the design, he or she is less willing to purchase items from the display.

When creating your design ask the following questions:

  1. Is your design reflective of your target audience?
  2. Does your design have personality?

If you know who you are designing for, you’ll be able to craft a look that engages with that audience. That is what gives your design the ultimate personality, and impression to your buyers. 

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3. Differentiation Is Important

This is a fancy way of stating the importance of portraying what makes your display, and product, stand out from the others in the store. 

Along this line, ask yourself: 

  1. What makes your product different from others?
  2. Do you have real-time customer testimonials?

If you can offer positive feedback from previous customers, as well as a true reason for your product being the best of its niche, then you’re more likely to gain purchases of your product from your display. 

4. Balance Should Be the Ultimate Goal

At the end of the day, the goal is to engage customers and provide a buying experience. 

So when you’re designing and beginning execution, remember to check your following categories:

  1. Attention-grabbing graphics
  2. Dispersion of product on the display
  3. An interactive experience results in a promising return 
  4. Story

 If you can find a balance between these categories, then you understand that consumerism is about more than the transaction. 

It’s about the process a buyer goes through in their subconscious that ultimately ends with them handing over their hard earned money for your product. It has to be worth it. 

The Power of Knowledge With Complete Packaging Solutions

Complete Packaging Solutions understands the line between a client, and a person  when considering custom packaging solutions for you. We work to provide packaging, and display design for our clients in a way that will speak to their clients. 

If you’re interested in a quote on a permanent display, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Complete Packaging Solutions today or call (765) 547-1300.