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How We Design Packaging Solutions Using CAD

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Almost everything in today’s modern society is run by computers. Designing packaging for your products is no different.

In today’s blog from Complete Packaging Solutions, we discuss how we design packaging solutions using computer-aided design (CAD).

What structural design software do we use?

There are many, many types of CAD software out there. We use one specific for structural design. The software will take a two-dimensional display and render it into a three-dimensional image of precisely what the packaging should look like per your specifications. Structural design software must also be compatible with the industrial machines we use to produce your packaging solutions. 

How customizable is CAD software for packaging?

The beauty of CAD allows us to customize packaging solutions for you quickly and easily. We can input the dimensions, processes, shapes, and tolerances of each packaging we produce. The structural design software then takes the data and creates a 3-D image of what your package and the molding for it should look like.

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How do we turn vectors into shapes?

Structural design software turns vectors into shapes. For example, we may start with a two-dimensional outline of the package. Then the software folds, bends, or creates curves based on what we input into the program. It adds colors and the type of packaging to give you a realistic view of what your package will look like before we prototype it.

Who can turn art into packaging?

Complete Packaging Solutions blends art with engineering and science to create custom packaging solutions for you. CAD bridges the gap between the artistry of having an appealing design and the perfect type of packaging to fit your products. Contact Complete Packaging Solutions today or call (765) 547-1300 for more information on how we can quickly develop a packaging solution for you.