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Top Adhesives for Various Types of Packaging

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Plastic polymers and adhesives are commonly used every day in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Bonds are advantageous over alternative fusion techniques like sewing or metal fasteners due to their rapid bonding properties and flexibility. 

Standard adhesives are typically low-cost, saving users time and money. Industrial-grade adhesives used to bond steel and other stainless metals are common among construction or manufacturing groups to create toys, household products, and more. 

In today’s blog by Complete Packaging Solutions, we delve into the top adhesives for various types of packaging. 

Packaging Adhesives for Various Substrates 

We work with many types of substrates and the adhesives that work best with them. 

Paper and Cardboard. Substrates for paper and cardboard operate in much the same way. Paper backing can use a variety of water-based, solvent-based, and hot melt adhesives. The type we use depends on the type of seal you want to achieve and the temperature at which we apply it. Solvents and hot melt typically work with higher temperatures and have greater bonding strength.

Plastics. Packaging made of plastic is the most widely used type of packaging used across the world. Bond strength is the top priority for plastics packaging. UV-curable adhesives and epoxy-based adhesives represent the top choices for plastics due to their high levels of flexibility. Plastics may also use pressure-sensitive or polyurethane moisture-curing hot melts for these applications.

Foam. Clients may use foam packaging to protect sensitive parts. Pressure-sensitive adhesives work well here because of their long open time as well as strong peel and shear characteristics. For egg crate-style packaging, hot melts work the best because of the wet tack, long open time, and heat stability.

Aluminum foil. When you use aluminum foil packaging, think blister packs for medications. Epoxy-based solvents and polyurethane hot melts are ideal because of their strong bonding properties and resistance to chemicals, acids, and bases.

We Produce Packaging Solutions for Any Situation and Industry 

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