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Best Adhesives for Blister Packaging

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Blister packs move the global packaging industry. In the U.S. and various countries, blister packaging is available in prescription pill medications, battery packs, toys, and everyday consumer goods like chewing gum. 

The best parts about blister packaging include the transparency that allows you to see what is inside the package while deterring tampering and reducing the risks of environmental contamination. In today’s blog by Complete Packaging Solutions, we reveal the best adhesives for blister packaging. 

What is blister packaging?

In simple terms, blister packaging is a type of plastic that encases a breakable backing and product in a transparent plastic container. If you have ever purchased an over-the-counter pain reliever, the see-through pack that requires you to push the medication bubble through the breakable backing while the other pills remain intact is a form of blister packaging. 

Backings come in aluminum, plastics, and cardboard. The PVC blister sheet (polyvinyl chloride) adheres to the backing via a hot seal, cold seal, or water-based adhesive. 

What are the best adhesives for blister packaging?

Silicone elastomers, aqueous varnishes, and epoxy glues.

In factories, blister packs enter a seal station to adhere to the aluminum, plastic, or cardboard backing. Blisters processed in high-speed productions are strong, flexible, and bond rapidly. Complete Packaging Solutions manufactures blister packaging for a wide range of solutions. 

There are three main types of blister packaging adhesives utilized by the packaging industry. Water-based, solvent-based, and epoxy blends may work well with substrates like paper, cardboard, aluminum, PVC, PET, and Styrene.

Some of the best blister adhesives include: 

Silicone elastomer. This type of blister packaging adhesive is known for its release characteristics and ability to tolerate high temperatures.

Aqueous varnishes. This water-based adhesive tolerates temperature between 350 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Water-based adhesives are easier to clean compared to solvent-based blister packaging adhesives.

Glue. Epoxy blends are more standard types of glues. These are strong adhesives with greater tack compared to varnishes or elastomers.   

Who can help me with a wide range of packaging solutions?

Complete Packaging Solutions offers various top-tier packaging options like our thermoforming method that molds any typical plastic sheet into customized shapes for the consumer. We handle blister packaging, digital print, cutting, and more for national and international clients. Contact us online or call (765)-547-1300 to learn more.