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Packaging Solutions Company FAQs

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Complete Packaging Solutions works with several industries to deliver customized packaging solutions for automotive, CPG, health and beauty, and e-commerce companies across the United States.

Read our answers to some frequently asked questions about packaging solutions companies.

What does a packaging solutions company do?

Your chosen packaging company performs several essential functions, including:

  1. The design of custom packaging using computer-aided design (CAD) software to prototype the right packaging for your products ahead of mass production.
  2. Manufacturing custom packaging out of various materials, including plastic, paper, cardboard, and films.
  3. Kitting smaller parts into a larger assembly.
  4. Fulfillment, where the packaging company sends the finished products to customers.

What are the types of packaging a packaging solutions company can create?

  1. Paperboard boxes are made of a lightweight and strong material that can be cut or manipulated to make nearly any shape or form. Action figures and dolls often come in paperboard packaging.
  2. Corrugated (cardboard) boxes are sturdier than paperboard, and they are perfect for larger items from shoes to major appliances. Corrugated comes in different strengths and sizes.
  3. Plastic is another very common packaging material. Plastic comes in a wide range of choices, from thin films for blister packaging to thick plastic for large parts and assemblies. Plastic is highly moldable, and often completely transparent so you can better showcase your product to customers.
  4. Recycled packaging. Paperboard, cardboard, and plastic are all recyclable, and we can make packaging out of recycled materials.
  5. Poly or foil bags. Think of ground coffee, tea, flowers, food items, and magazines or comics in clear bags. 

What process does a packaging solutions company follow?

Each client and packaging requires customized attention. Each time we develop the right packaging solution, we follow the same basic process:

  1. An initial consultation. We sit down with your team to assess your needs, like quantity, timeliness, and design of the completed packages. We will ask you relevant questions, and we can answer any of yours.
  2. Design. This is where we enter dimensions into a computer to come up with a virtual representation of what forms we need to make the packaging. Computer-aided design (CAD) software can also show us what the finished packaging will look like based on the data we input. We will send you images of what the packaging looks like, so you can approve the initial design.
  3. Prototyping. The CAD software allows us to create a few samples. During this process, we take precise measurements of every side, divot, and cavity to make sure it meets your standards and fits your products precisely as planned. We perform quality control at this stage ahead of mass production.
  4. Testing. This phase is where we test the packaging with your products inside to make sure they meet your specifications and withstand the elements during shipping and handling.
  5. Production. During this stage, we make the full run of your packaging for all items, whether you have 10,000 or 1 million items you need packaging for.
  6. Filling. We fill the packages with your items properly, efficiently, and effectively.
  7. Shipping. We ship the items to your customers, making sure they arrive on time. 

Why should I hire an experienced packaging solutions company?

The main reason is to protect your investment through quality packaging and improvement time to market.

Complete Packaging Solutions has decades of experience in the packaging industry. We’ve helped national brands such as L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Biolage, Hasbro, and Hitachi, among others.

Reach out to us or call 765-547-1300 to talk about how we help your brand by designing and creating the best possible packaging for your products.