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What are Kitting and Fulfillment Services for Packaging? 

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If your customers frequently buy similar products together, a kitting and fulfillment service is an excellent option for saving your company time and money. 

After your products are packaged, the process of kitting involves bundling your items together and shipping them as a single SKU. 

What are Kitting and Fulfillment Services?  

The process of kitting refers to combining individual products under a new SKU and then selling them as a single product. Combining products into one item allows quicker shipping to your customers than packing them alone. 

The products chosen to be kitted together are often bought together anyway, so sending them in one shipment is a great way to save time. 

When your company uses fulfillment services, the display is filled with your products. The Complete Packaging Solutions will test the completed retail display for visual appeal and durability. 

So, when looking for kitting and fulfillment services, kitting is the organization and combination of products into a single item with a new SKU, and fulfillment is the packaging and shipping of these combined products. 

How Do Kitting and Fulfillment Work? 

Opting for kitting reduces your warehousing cost and simplifies the shipping process, improving your overall customer experience. 

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Our team will work with yours to establish which products should be packaged together and provide recommendations on the best packaging for your items.

After new SKUs are assigned to the product, we can handle the shipping to streamline the entire process. 

At Complete Packaging Solutions, our team offers businesses turnkey solutions, from design to shipping. Kitting is one process in this step that makes managing your product inventory a breeze. 

By automating your kitting process, you take away the questions about packaging deadlines. Through automation and a third-party fulfillment company specializing in kitting and fulfillment, the chance that items are lost decreases drastically.  

Packaging products together is another great way to move products that typically don’t sell as well on their own. Customers are more likely to purchase when packaged alongside an in-demand product, reducing your inventory. 

Contact Complete Packaging Solutions 

We offer free consultation services for fully customizable, turnkey packaging solutions for businesses in Brookville, IN, and nationwide. 

To get your products to market faster, contact us or call 765-547-1300 to discuss our kitting and fulfillment services to help your company save money and improve efficiency.