Designer creates sketch from custom boxes with logo

What to Know About Custom Boxes With Logos

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Custom shipping boxes are personalized packaging solutions that reflect your brand’s unique identity. These boxes go beyond the standard brown cardboard, offering a canvas for your brand’s visual elements. 

Custom shipping boxes from Complete Packaging Solutions are tailored to your brand’s specifications, featuring your logo prominently, incorporating brand colors, and providing a memorable unboxing experience for your customers.

These boxes are powerful branding tools, leaving a lasting impression on your customers and setting your brand apart in a competitive market. 

For e-commerce businesses, the presentation of your products is more crucial than ever. One key element often overlooked is the packaging, specifically custom shipping boxes with your logo. The question arises: Are custom shipping boxes worth the investment?

Are Custom Shipping Boxes Worth It?

Custom shipping boxes with logos offer a branding opportunity beyond the product. They serve as a tangible representation of your brand, creating a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. 

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Beyond the branding benefits, custom boxes also provide practical advantages. Tailoring the size and design of your packaging to fit your products precisely can reduce shipping costs and minimize environmental impact. Efficient packaging streamlines your logistics and aligns with the growing demand for sustainable business practices.

How to Make Custom Shipping Boxes

Creating custom shipping boxes is a distinctive process that aligns with your brand’s unique identity. The team at Complete Packaging Solutions specializes in crafting customized packaging solutions tailored to your specifications. 

To make a custom shipping box, envision the design that best represents your brand. Consider incorporating your logo, brand colors, and other identity elements.

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Once you have a design in mind, collaborate with our team of experts at Complete Packaging Solutions. Our professionals will guide you through the material selection, ensuring durability and protection for your products. Our logistics team can ship your products after packaging, providing packaging requirements and design that complies.

We’ll bring your vision to life, creating custom shipping boxes that showcase your brand and meet industry standards for size, weight, and shipping regulations.

Do Shipping Carriers Accept Custom Boxes with Logos?

A common concern among businesses considering custom shipping boxes is whether significant carriers like USPS and UPS accept these personalized packages.

The good news is USPS and UPS are accommodating regarding custom boxes.

USPS (United States Postal Service)

USPS generally accepts custom boxes, but there are some guidelines to remember. Custom boxes must adhere to size and weight regulations set by USPS to ensure smooth processing through their system. It is advisable to communicate with your local post office or check USPS guidelines to ensure your custom boxes meet their specifications.

UPS (United Parcel Service)

UPS is known for its flexibility when it comes to packaging. They accept custom boxes as long as they meet UPS packaging guidelines. Ensuring the custom box is sturdy enough to protect the contents during transit is essential. Working closely with UPS and understanding their requirements will help guarantee a seamless shipping process for your products in custom-printed boxes.

At Complete Packaging Solutions, we can help you design custom boxes that showcase your brand and meet the standards of major shipping carriers. Our kitting and fulfillment services expedite this process with easier tracking, shipping, and fulfillment. 

Choosing custom shipping boxes doesn’t hinder your ability to ship with major carriers. By aligning your custom packaging with the guidelines provided by USPS and UPS, you can enjoy the branding benefits of personalized boxes without compromising on efficiency. 

Customizable Packaging Solutions 

The team at Complete Packaging Solutions can create packaging that sets your product apart. We offer free consultations for fully customizable, turnkey packaging solutions for businesses nationwide. 
Contact us online or call 765-547-1300 to learn more about our turnkey packaging services, from concept to production.