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3 Packaging Tips for Startups and Small Businesses

Small businesses and e-commerce startups are risky endeavors. The packaging you choose can make or break your reputation and potential future sales growth. 

So it’s important to keep in mind some best-practice tips when choosing the right package for your business. 

In today’s post, Complete Packaging Solutions in Brookville, Indiana, covers three packaging tips for small businesses. 

Tip #1: Simplify Your Design & Lower Costs 

Simplicity. It’s not just a great design tip. It’s also important for keeping your cost-per-unit of boxes low. 

Ergonomic design choices that make the most use of the limited space available for your product to fit snugly into ensure that you get the most bang for your buck. 

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Custom boxes are often expensive. So choose a design that involves the least amount of material and the most budget-friendly material types. 

Tip #2: Location & Product Market

Are you selling exclusively online, or will your product show up on store shelves? If it’s on a shelf in an aisle somewhere, it’ll need to stand out. Choose visually compelling product packaging. 

Great turnkey packaging companies like ours will offer pre-tests on package products to ensure that the final results live up to expectations. 

Tip #3: Assess Risk and Inventory 

Managing your inventory correctly is a vital part of doing business. Too little inventory means losing out on potential sales. Make the most of your resources in a cost-effective manner.

For example…

Order a large quantity of custom box packages to save on overhead. This is cheaper than frequently reprinting new orders. You could also rent storage space in advance to house some of your excess packaging inventory. 

CPS Packaging Capabilities

  • Prototyping and testing 
  • Retail and shelf-ready packaging and POP displays 
  • Primary and custom packaging 
  • Concierge consulting services 
  • Inventory management 

What’s Our Packaging Design Process? 

From the initial conception to the final product, our team of design experts works closely with you to determine the best packaging solutions that align with your business’s unique needs. 

After you show us your product, we’ll create a prototype for you to review and approve of. Lastly, we test ship the product for quality assurance. 

Low Cost, Creative Custom Packaging & Branding Ideas

  • Small gifts or product samples: FREE gifts are a sure way to win your customer’s satisfaction (decals, keychains, or logos). 
  • Thank you notes or cards: adding a handwritten note or voucher card to your packaged product is a great way to enhance the customer experience. 
  • Tissue paper & inner packaging: wrap merchandise in tissue paper or cushioned container filling that hosts your brand’s logo. 
  • Logos, tags, or stickers: offers an inexpensive yet powerful way to assert branding and personalization.
  • Printed stock package: it’s a simple stock box that has your unique logo. Low expense, yet ensures great brand recognition. 
  • Fully customized packaging: boxes, mailers, or shipping containers showcase your brand internally and externally. Elite designers can make the most out of your box space, leveraging lightweight materials to save you on overhead costs. 

Packaging Matters! Choose CPS for Custom Packaging Solutions

We work with your business to create stylish, elegant, and compelling packages built to attract new customers and enhance your brand. Contact us today for a free quote: (765) 547-1300.