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The Fast Guide to E-Commerce Packaging

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E-commerce packaging is more important than ever. It’s how your business/product stands out in a competitive e-commerce marketplace.

With billions of people doing online shopping, the frequency of online purchases is only set to increase.

According to the Statista, online sales are projected to hit $6.5 trillion by 2023. 

Custom e-commerce packaging isn’t just an operational expense — it’s an investment.

But what do customers want in an e-commerce package? 

Complete Packaging Solutions in Brookeville, Indiana explains what customers want from their e-commerce packaging experience. 

Here’s the Secret…

The key to great e-commerce packaging is to give your customers a memorable and unique experience

That’s it. 

Sure, there’s a lot that goes into actually doing that. 

How CPS Helps

Tailoring that unique experience to perfection is our goal. It’s why the team at Complete Packaging Solutions offers full-scale custom packaging service, from prototyping, design, and manufacturing, all the way to kitting and fulfillment (packaging your product and shipping it to your customer). 

Tips for Perfecting Your E-Commerce Packaging 

Create a unique unboxing experience 

The unboxing or unwrapping experience is a very popular trend in the custom packaging industry. Customers remember it. 

Showcase your brand throughout the entire package 

From the font, typography, and color choice to the way each die line (seam) shifts when taking out the product, your company’s brand gets to be showcased in all of its glory to your customer. 

Once more, a highly customized e-commerce package is there to deepen the customer experience and, effectively, build a positive relationship between your ideal customer and your product. 

Use eco-friendly packaging

With younger demographics being concerned about the environment, creating eco-friendly, recyclable packaging is a great way to market to them. It can show your company’s thoughtfulness and consideration — and a few more of your core values. 

Add some custom paperwork 

A message or note in your packaging that directly addresses your customer is the perfect way of standing out and impacting your customer in a positive way, creating a memorable experience and positive emotional association with your product. 

Think about it. It’s something that other businesses probably aren’t taking the time to do the same. 

The Best E-Commerce Packaging Options 

Remember that the type of e-commerce packaging you use will impact your cost. Strategically and efficiently eight and size are the two major factors for 

Custom Boxes:

These can often be the most expensive. But it depends on the type of laminates, boxing material, and design elements you’re going with. 

Bags and Envelopes:

Perfect for items that are light and not very fragile. Small clothing orders and hard-to-break retail items can be easily shipped. 

Padded Mailers:

Extremely fragile items shouldn’t be shipped with just padded mailers, you’ll need something more resistant (like corrugated cardboard boxes). However, they’re great for CDs, jewelry, or any other flat, somewhat delicate item.

Recyclable Packaging:

Burlap or jute, is a 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly packaging option. Your list of choices is long and involves any packaging material that’s biodegradable. Hiring a custom packaging company will help you narrow down your options. 

Benefits of Using a Custom E-Commerce Package Design

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Brand Boost and Customer Loyalty

It’s one thing to see a product you like online, but does it match the experience in person?

The physical product and its packaging have an effect on a customer’s overall experience This can increase your customers’ loyalty and boost your brand’s general appeal.

Product Differentiation 

Whatever your product, be it in the retail or pharmaceutical sector, it’s probably not something that’s reinventing the wheel — so to speak. The way your product can stand out is by its unique, eye-catching packaging. 

Free Marketing and Promotion 

Your package serves as “free” marketing and promotion for your brand, enhancing the potential for future purchases or recurring customer buys in the future. 

Order a Custom ECommerce Package Design Today

Our team of experts will help you with 100% of your packaging needs, from material choice to design and even logistics. Contact us today for more information: (765) 547-1300.