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2023 Guide to Accessibility in Packaging

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When creating product packaging, it’s more than just a pretty design and eye-catching graphics. You also need to consider how it affects the user experience of your customers, including those with disabilities. Accessibility in packaging is a growing trend that e-commerce businesses need to keep up with, not just to comply with regulations but also to cater to a wider audience and boost their revenue.

In this blog post, Complete Packaging Solutions explores the latest accessibility trends in packaging and how you can implement them in your e-commerce business. Whether you’re a marketing manager or a business owner, this guide can help you create packaging that’s inclusive and convenient for all.

Sustainable Packaging 

One of the latest and most relevant trends today is sustainable packaging. This not only helps the environment but also makes sure that the packaging is less of a nuisance to customers, especially those with disabilities. Sustainable packaging is less noisy, less wasteful, and easier to handle. It also benefits the business by appealing to eco-conscious customers and reducing packaging costs in the long run.

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Sensory Packaging 

Sensory packaging refers to packaging that uses sensory cues to assist users with disabilities. For example, raised or embossed graphics may help visually-impaired customers identify the product easily. Textured packaging or different textures on labels can also help customers with sensory processing disorders, such as autism, to differentiate between products.

Braille Labeling 

Braille labeling is a must-have accessibility feature for packaging. Braille is a tactile writing system used by the visually impaired, and it’s commonly used in product labeling to provide information about ingredients, dosage, expiration date, and more. Braille labeling should comply with specific guidelines, such as the size, spacing, and placement of the braille on the package. Note that braille is a universal language and can benefit customers worldwide.

Easy-to-Open Packaging 

Accessibility in packaging should also consider the customers’ physical abilities. Easy-to-open packaging or accessible opening mechanisms can benefit customers with mobility issues, arthritis, or hand injuries. Packaging that requires excessive force or intricate movements can be frustrating and even dangerous for some users. So, make sure your packaging has pull tabs, tear-strip, or other accessible opening methods that don’t compromise the packaging’s integrity.

Functional Packaging 

Finally, functional packaging is a trend that’s gaining popularity for its multi-purpose design. Functional packaging serves a specific purpose beyond just holding the product. For example, packaging that converts to a storage container, a serving dish, or a reusable bag can benefit customers who value convenience, sustainability, and minimalism. Functional packaging is also an excellent opportunity for branding and enhancing customer loyalty.

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Accessibility in packaging is a strategic business choice that can help you reach a wider audience and provide a better customer experience. By keeping up with the latest trends in accessibility, you can create packaging that improves the user experience for your customers, particularly those with disabilities. Contact our team today to learn more about your packing options.