Thermoformed electronics packaging

Does My Product Need Thermoforming?

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Thermoforming is a very specific process for making high-quality packaging solutions for your items.

In today’s blog from Complete Packaging Solutions, we talk about products that require thermoformed packages for best possible results.

Custom Fits

When your products need a custom fit, thermoforming is for you. Think of oblong or unusual parts, larger parts, or items that may not fit into ordinary packaging. Our team has the experience and knowledge to create a digital mockup of a packaging solution before we go to prototyping and production to ensure an ideal fit.

Thermoforming packages for products is a highly customizable process, from start to finish, from the sketched creative design, down to the melting and forming process.

Electronics Packaging

Electronics come with many parts, including the main component, console, screen, or control panel. Then you have wires, batteries, remote controls, and wires. Thermoforming protects the electronic components by keeping them snug and secure, whether you produce smartphones or computer monitors.

Material Handling Trays

Material handling trays have several items in each section. Thermoforming does several things for these items. It keeps them separate when you have raw materials that need to stay separate until you need to combine them. Thermoforming then seals each compartment to prevent materials from spilling out. Think about paints, dyes, powders, small parts, nuts and bolts, and more for this application.

Gift Packs

Holidays are always a time to celebrate. Does your company compile gift packs for any occasion? Thermoforming allows you to keep sections of the gift pack separate. The see-through advantage of this type of packaging lets your customers see precisely what comprises the gift pack.

Complete Packaging Solutions: Your Thermoforming Source

We’ve been in business a long time, and we have the expertise to make just about any thermoformed plastic packaging for your products. If you’re interested in creating packaging for your product, or thermoforming your everyday use items, contact Complete Packaging Solutions today or call (765) 547-1300 for more information.