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The Small Business Guide to Seasonal Packaging

Seasonal packaging is more accessible than ever, even for small businesses and startups operating on tight profit margins. Whether it’s Christmas-themed or Halloween-inspired packaging, it’s a worthwhile investment for your company.

In today’s post, Complete Packaging Solutions gives you a quick guide to taking advantage of seasonal packaging for your business. 

How can businesses benefit from seasonal packaging? 

It’s the perfect time to take advantage of brand storytelling that catches customers’ attention and even attracts new people to your product. 

The competition is higher than normal during the holiday season. It’s the perfect time to stand out with a festive-themed package. 

Aim for lower volume quantities 

Choose a supplier that can satisfy a low minimum order quantity (MOQ). You don’t want to overproduce packages and have to wait until next year to use the rest. 

If it’s a holiday that has minimal purchases related to your industry, let’s say it’s Easter or Valentine’s Day, narrow down to the most cost-effective items: shredded newsprint and cardboard box packaging. 

You might need packaging for: 

  • Christmas 
  • Halloween
  • Easter
  • Region-specific holidays 
  • Major events 
  • Company successes
  • Summer

Keep in mind that if you’re cranking out packages during the holiday season, you’ll only need enough packaging for a few weeks. If it’s in the Summer, you’ll probably need a month’s worth of packages. 

How far in advance should I plan to do this?

8-12 weeks. You might need an extra two weeks for package handling. 

But the further you plan in advance, the better. Have a strategy for your seasonal campaign. To do this, you’ll have to know your product and your customer’s needs.

Seasonal packaging options when you’re on a budget 

  • Custom stickers and logos: easy to mass produce, quick turnaround times, and spruces up your brand without a creative refresh.
  • Custom tissue paper: It’s a low-cost, visually-engaging way to accentuate your product in front of customers. 
  • Custom packaging tape: glossy, opaque, and uniquely colored to fit your brand’s messaging. 

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Best-Practice Tips for Seasonal Packaging 

  • Include local imagery
  • Use laminate coverings appropriately (glossy or matte) 
  • Choose quality over quantity (don’t make frequent design switches) 
  • Consider sustainable material options 
  • Stay consistent with your brand’s image and core design themes

Our packaging specialists can help walk you through the perfect design option that will be sure to stand out among your competitors and catch the eye of your ideal customer. 

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