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Poly Mailer vs Bubble Mailer: Which is the Winner?

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Looking for an alternative to corrugated boxes? Poly mailers and bubble mailers are mainstay choices for cost-effective packaging! 

They’re commonly used in the retail and e-commerce space but have also been leveraged in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. 

When it comes to investing in dependable packaging, which is the better choice? 

What are Poly Mailers? 

Poly mailers are made from polyethylene (plastic) and offer a good amount of moisture resistance and tear resistance while being lightweight. These easy-to-pack envelopes can be customized by color and design with very low investment; 

What are Bubble Mailers? 

Bubble mailers are paper envelopes that are composed of materials like disintegrated newspapers, heavy-duty kraft, and bubble lining. 

Why Use Poly or Bubble Mailers? 

Both choices are low-cost, economical ways to ship your product, bolstering a durable material and cost savings. 

Bubble mailers and poly mailers have powerful self-sealing adhesives that make the packaging process lightning fast: just pack it and seal it. 

Poly mailers are tear- and moisture-resistant, which helps to deter product damage during transit. Thin, lightweight mailers take up little warehouse storage space and use up far less packaging material. 

They’re available in a variety of sizes and shapes. You don’t have to sacrifice customizability for a lower price. The mailer’s surface firmly holds in place ink, logo stamps, and product labels so you can customize your brand’s messaging while staying under budget. 

When You Shouldn’t Use Poly or Bubble Mailers

If you have fragile items, don’t use either one. 

Choose something stronger, like corrugated cardboard boxes or rigid thermoformed plastic packages. If you decide to use one, make sure that you choose the right size. If your mailer is too large, items can shift around and bear damage. 

Bubble Mailer Pros & Cons 

Bubble mailers are slightly more rigid than poly mailers and help reduce potential damage. 

Poly Mailer Pros & Cons  

Poly mailers are a more versatile option — perfect for soft, non-fragile goods like towels, bedding, and non-perishables.

The bubble lining featured in bubble mailers is an add-on option for a poly mailer, giving it that added, much-needed protection for fragile items. 

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